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Default Transmission oil change

I have a 2008 lr2. According to schedule I willneed to change
Tran. Oil. LR quoted me $63 a litre x 7 plus labour. Can any one help
With alternate oil besides original LR oil and is the procedure
Simple enoughfor a weekend mechanic diy.
Thank u
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I'm not familiar with the LR2. You can get the appropriate oil from British Atlantic or Atlantic British...whatever the name of that company is. I don't even think that you have to go with the Land Rover brand, just as long as you load it up with the right stuff.

I've done multiple transmission oil changes on various vehicles, most domestic. It's pretty straightforward, just messy.

-Buy the appropriate gasket and filter before hand. Mock it up to the transpan to make sure it's the right deal.

-Gain access to the pan which sometimes means dropping the crossmember.

-Start loosening the bolts on the sides of the pan. You want to work towards getting 3 sides completely unbolted and one side partially unbolted to "TIP" the fluid out of the pan. Otherwise just drop the pan and make a mess. If the pan has a drain plug, drain it! Now would be a good time to suggest installing a drain plug which you can buy from Summit Racing or Jegs, some place like that. Makes transmission oil changes go easier.

-Locate and remove the filter, which is going to vary from make to make and model to model. If I remember correctly on the Disco II it's a bolt or two, there is a tube with an O-ring that needs replaced...other vehicles it's a couple of bolts that holds the filter in place.

-You want to keep everything clean. Dirt will wreak havok on a transmission.

-Thoroughly clean the pan and the gasket mating surfaces. Use some type of gasket sealant to assist in getting the new gasket to stick to the pan as you place it back up. Torque the bolts to spec. Refill accordingly--

A little tip here--
You should keep track of how much fluid you take out of the pan. The reason being is different makers look at capacities different. Some just count the pan, some count the torque convertor + the pan etc. so if you drain the pan and read "7 quarts" and decide to put 7 quarts back in, you might over fill the darn thing.

Once refilled, shift through all of the gears slowly to circulate the fluid, check the stick...or if it's a Disco II, get upset because there is no stick and you have to look at the "fill hole" underneath the vehicle.

Hope this helps some.
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transmission oil

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